And rediscovering their passion for heavy black colored eyeliner, Imogen also has developed a taste having lip stick

And rediscovering their passion for heavy black colored eyeliner, Imogen also has developed a taste having lip stick

Breaking down and you can rekindling the dating

Because the separating with Fiona, Imogen appears to be regressing a bit so you’re able to the lady former cartoony and you can crazy research. She appears to have become attracted to patterned button-up shirts, in addition to colourful shorts. The lady outfits is not as meticulously matched because was whenever she are having Fiona. Indeed, the woman ensembles are extremely a great deal more collection of and you can daring, but nonetheless will always be extremely women. Imogen’s short, cat-eyeglasses was replaced with higher glasses with dense black colored frames, offering the lady a really unusual physical appearance. She’s including returned to wear a wider assortment regarding hairstyles, often topped that have weird headbands.    

Inside the Dirt Away from Their Shoulder (2), Imogen overhears Eli inquiring Adam to take out their anti-anxiety pills to have a long time very he can win back their innovation. Whenever Adam declines, Imogen guides up and takes this new pills out-of Eli. Inside the crisis classification, Eli tells Ms. Dawes and Fiona the script is certainly going together nicely. Ms. Dawes tells Eli to acquire anyone to bring him determination and you will Imogen volunteers. Eli and you may Imogen is actually later seen in the fresh new hallway, in which Eli actually starts to panic and request his tablets straight back, but Imogen declines. Eli can not stay at college or university without their drugs very she requires your to ignore college or university with her plus they check out an alleyway in which she drawings an attracting of him. She requires your accomplish the same, however, he freaks out and edarling coupons says he wants to be more than Clare and you may Imogen says she will assist. She after guides out-of an effective thrift store clothed as the Clare. 

Into the You Have no idea (2), Imogen are elated to ascertain she got the new roll out of Clara inside ‘Love Roulette’. Imogen hugs Eli and you will doesn’t let go. Eli, amazed and you may baffled by the Imogen claims, “You could potentially let go now.” thinks one to she and you may Eli are a few, however, he’s not emotionally prepared to enter a romance. So Imogen afterwards sneaks through to Clare, surprising the lady. Imogen thank you Clare and offer the woman a voucher at Nothing Skip Steaks on her along with her date, Jake. Clare thank you Imogen and you can departs. After Imogen can be seen at Little Miss Steaks prying for the Clare having Jake. Eli enters the fresh eatery convinced Imogen invited your to fairly share “Clara.” Imogen compliments him, but the guy shrugs it off.

Inside the Get rid of They For example It is Gorgeous (2), Imogen means Bianca and you can faces at the the woman for taking her birthday celebration money. Bianca confesses and you will claims you to definitely she’ll spend their straight back, even if Imogen says to their never to bother, and that’s disgusted you to definitely she imagine Bianca was her buddy. Bianca retaliates by saying that she don’t even desire to be Imogen’s buddy anyway. Later, Bianca requires Imogen to get to know the lady within Dot. Bianca apologizes having stealing the bucks of the girl purse. Imogen welcomes the newest present, contacting they cute and generally are municipal.

In need At this point you (2), Eli was doubtful off Imogen whenever she lays from the this lady whereabouts the night time prior to, leaving Eli in order to ponder if the she’s cheating to the your. Eli confides within the Adam, which implies that the guy get involved in it cool, however, Eli is actually obsessed with finding out happening. At the same time, Imogen could have been coming to Fiona’s condo to get rid of Eli, fed-with his manic periods and his awesome denial of being bipolar. Facing Adam’s idea, Eli sneaks to your Fiona’s, correct since the she and you will Imogen strategy him, believing that he or she is a burglar. Imogen is frustrated from the Eli’s intrusive behavior and you can phone calls him away into their erratic conclusion. Eli trashes their space inside the a match of anger, and this encourages their father to name his psychologist. Eli understands that their outburst try encouraged by envy, maybe not his manic-depression and that the guy it is cares getting Imogen, as the woman is already been through it getting him throughout their terrible. Eli and Imogen satisfy having coffee in which she acknowledges one even though she often fantasized about their and Eli getting along with her, she feels like she doesn’t discover Eli any longer. Whenever Eli requires about them existence together, she says you to definitely the woman is skeptical that it’ll work-out. Eli wants Imogen so you can at least offer their friendship various other options, that she unwillingly agrees.

When you look at the Rusty Cage (1), this woman is first-seen taking walks the new hallways when Fiona strolls right up talking about Fiona Coyne Go out. Imogen says you to everyday it’s Imogen Moreno Go out and you can Fiona claims which they will be enjoy. Fiona requires

to exit into shop, she starts placing all the sharp items out. She guides because of the stairways are came across by the her dad who believes this woman is Natalie. She pushes to your medical to meet Natalie, and give their the trouble. Back in school, she apologizes to help you Eli and Fiona on her actions and you will tells them one Natalie place the lady father up with a custodian and that she will getting managing the girl any kind of day because of the this lady father’s consult. Eli and you can Fiona reveal that the lay is completed, making Imogen surprised therefore the three of them pleased.

She gives the girl the fresh horny underwear Vince offered the girl as the an effective peace-offering

During the matrimony, Imogen and you will Fiona walking Bianca along the section and you will experience Audra scolding Drew and you can Adam.  Later, she support Drew perform I am unable to Help Losing crazy about You and Fiona, Mo, Audra, Adam, and you may Marisol for Bianca.  This woman is later on viewed in the Drew and you can Bianca’s wedding team along with Fiona, Adam, Becky, Audra, and Omar.

In all We Desire to Manage, Adam phone calls Imogen for the hospital to aid Clare look for a wig that she enjoyed.

You to definitely exact same date, Imogen is visible addressing Becky. Whenever Becky observes the lady, she instantaneously asks when Imogen will make the lady options, however, Imogen responds you to Becky can’t be a point. Along with, she informs the lady you to she chosen Winston. Becky wants to know if she don’t prefer her because of Adam, but Imogen denies they and says you to definitely she attempts to manage what is perfect for your panels.

Afterwards, Drew match up with Imogen, Winston, and Becky, as the guy desires perform another interview. The guy says to him or her one to Degrassi Television demands her or him as well as is also discuss. Imogen claims that they want a unique power supply towards the clips cam, and Winston contributes that they you need an entire journalistic liberty. Drew approves, and Imogen asks exactly what the interview would be in the. Received reacts which he ilies. The idea wins recognition and you may Imogen stands behind your camera after once more.

The following day, Becky facilitate Imogen from inside the strolling on university, while the she secured this lady eyes together with her give. Imogen tells Becky that when launching the fresh top code, she’s terrified that ladies tend to wear only its lingerie. Up coming, Frankie and you may Keisha approach her or him outfitted everyday. It give Imogen you to she is the champion and they did not need so you can destroy what you from the putting on a costume wrongly. Becky and Imogen look and you may hug one another. Becky and says to Imogen she mismatched this lady socks, but Imogen reacts that it was deliberate.

In the Children Commonly All right (1) Imogen is visible at the rehearsals on her play and even gives information so you can this lady nearest and dearest, the new stars.

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